gain the world but lose yourself (pilotspeed) wrote,
gain the world but lose yourself

Life lives in the dark, but you joke and you kid about the lightswitch

adding | selectively adding | not adding

I won't be adding anyone who doesn't comment here first (or if we met from a friending meme or in a community and you asked to add there, you don't need to comment here. So long as I know you're adding me..)

selectively adding means I'm not really looking for new friends at the moment, but if you are really awesome, or we have lots of common interests, or you saw me in a friends journal (or one of my friends to you I was awesome? you never know), I will probably add you.

If you want to stalk me anonymously, feel free to watch ps_tumblr

Fandoms: The Office, Lost, House, Gossip Girl, CSI, Prison Break, Arrested Development, One Tree Hill (Sometimes), 90210, Twilight (only for the laughs, not so much anymore), Harry Potter (not really involved in fandom), Fringe (I only read the recaps), The Mentalist, How I Met Your Mother

Other interests: Music, Photography, Graphic Design, Reading, writing, laughing, tea, playing guitar, playing cards. Plus a million other things.

What I post about: (it's always nice to know) Real life stuff if anything interesting happens. I currently work at a pizza place. I post about once a day.

Edited 05/03/09 - did a friends cut, no hard feelings.
Tags: lj: friends only
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